Healthy Sweets

                                                                                                                         The amazing  coconut or "Tree of Life"

About Us


Our Vision

Healthy Sweets envisions a healthy and  vibrant society where people live in harmony with nature and are nourished with organically produced coco-based products.

Our Mission

To produce healthy and organic coco-based products for the local and international market while contributing in the development of sustainable and ecologically-balanced communities in the Southeastern part of Mindanao.

Our Goals

 + Increased the number of coconut farmers employed as tappers and women employed as processors earning a monthly income above the mandated minimum wage;

 + Increased the size of coconut farms in Southeastern Mindanao certified as organic;

 + Increased the production volume of Healthy Sweets' products and its share in the local and export market.

Our History

In 2006, our family acquired an agricultural land planted with banana and coconuts trees.  The production was however low because the land had long been applied with chemical inputs that ultimately eroded its natural fertility.  We converted the land into an organic farm. All the crops were applied with organic inputs that we produced out of the locally-available materials. We also planted nitrogen-fixing plants as natural sources of nitrogen for the crops.   Apart from bananas and coconuts, we also planted fruit trees, vegetables, root crops and herbs. We also  integrated  livestock that ultimately became our steady source of organic inputs.  

In less than two years, we were able to increase production and the income also increased  twofold.  We generated regular earnings from coconuts and bananas and we got steady supply of essential foods from our livestock, vegetables and fruits.  The once barren land is now covered with lush vegetation.   

The onset of the financial crisis in 2008 pulled down the price of the coconut.  The price of the whole nut dropped from P8.00 per kilo to P3.00 per kilo.  This situation compelled us to look for viable alternatives  and oconut sugar was seen as the best option.   

Healthy Sweets was established in April 2009 as a family-run social enterprise.  The social enterprise is  providing green jobs to small farmers through organic coconut farm production and to the women as coconut sugar processors.  From this venture, our Mananggite or coconut tppers are able to increase their income two-fold and even three-fold.   We are also able to employ women as processors. With their income, the once unemployed residents could now provide better food for their family and finance the college education of their children. 

In February 2016, Healthy Sweets was transformed and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as Healthy Sweets Mindanao Corporation.

Competitive Advantage of Healthy Sweets' Coconut Sugar

The competitive advantage of Healthy Sweets' coconut sugar  are the following:   a) coconut trees are organically grown; b) products are naturally processed; c) no additives and chemicals added; d) low carbon footprint because  our project partners are just living nearby our processing plant;   e) we provide  green jobs to the community especially the women through organic coconut farming and coconut sugar production; f) We follow the fair trade standards in our operation -  we create employment opportunities for marginalized coconut farmers, provide fair wages ( income of coconut farmers increased to 200-300%) and safe and healthy working environment.  Our production processes are environment-friendly and we are committed to build the capacities of women and farmers by training them and  transferring to them the technology in coconut sugar production and processing.  We also strive to promote fair trade to our partners and the general public. 

While doing business, we are committed to apply technologies that reduce emission of carbon dioxide and more of  carbon sequestration through planting of more coconut trees and other crops in the farm using organic farming technologies.  This in effect makes our farm a carbon sink.    

Our diversified and organic coconut farm


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