Healthy Sweets

Directions for Use:

 * Use it in coffee and tea.  It  can  also be used as  substitute for  coffee and tea. Just mix it with hot water and drink it in the morning and afternoon to improve your health.

* Best in oats, cakes, toppings and as substitute of brown or white refined sugar in any food  preparation. Use of coconut sugar enhances food flavor. 
 * If  hungry eat the coco sugar granules just like a candy   and you will be nourished.

 * If feeling tired,  eat the coco sugar granules and you will be energized.

* If you feel like having cough or colds just eat  the coco sugar granules to get rid of it.

 * Fine coconut sugar is best skin exfoliant together with virgin coconut oil. Just rub it in your skin and the dead skin will be exfoliated.


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