Healthy Sweets

 Coconut Sugar is made from 100% certified organic  coconut sap that drips from freshly cut flower buds of coconut trees. The sugar has a mild  aroma of coconuts. It is unrefined and not highly processed like brown and white sugar.

The jar is covered with fossilized cacao leaf tied with abaca twine.

Best for coffee and tea but perfect if just added to hot water as substitute for coffee or tea. Drink it in the morning and in the afternoon or evening  to improve your health.

It is also good for cakes, oatmeal, toppings and as substitute of brown/white sugar in any food preparation that needs it. Use of coconut sugar in food enhances its flavor. 

The packaging is embelished with fossilized cacao leaf and abaca twine to make it more natural and organic.

Coco Sugar Granules are sugar lumps that form in the process of cooking. It can be eaten like a candy. It enhances your energy. If feeeling hungry it will nourish you.

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