Healthy Sweets

                             Coconut flower  buds are the source of the coconut sap.

                    Our diversified and integrated organic coconut farm.


    Flemengia, a nitrogen fixing plant is planted at the base of coconut                            trees  to provide nitrogen to the plant. 

The Mananggite or coconut tapper climb the coconut tree to collect the sap and provide us with sweet and healthy natural sweetener.

                          The unopened coconut flower ready for drooping. 

                                                                                                                    Slicing thinly the flower buds so that the sap will drip 

                           Plastic containers are used to collect the sap. 


 Sap containers are covered with a net to protect from insects sipping the sap, and  providing you the cleanest sugar.

                          HEALTHY SWEETS'  processing plant is inside the coconut farm to ensure that the freshly collected sap are cooked immediately. 

             Cooking the coconut sap until it granulizes into sugar 

             The granulated sugar after continuous  stirring and cooling 


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